The veterinary cardiologists at Rocky Mountain Veterinary Cardiology are able to provide specialized veterinary services and monitoring to pets in Boulder, Denver and the surrounding areas who are suffering from serious cardiac health issues.

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Cardiology Services, Boulder Veterinarian

Hospitalization for Cardiology Patients

There may come a time when your pet becomes severely ill and may require prolonged monitoring and treatment. In these cases, we often recommend hospitalization to provide supportive care and monitoring for your sick or injured animal.

Through hospitalization, we are able to continually monitor your pet’s progress 24 hours a day in order to assess and respond to any changes in their health status.

We are also able to apply treatments that may not be able to be performed at home, such as intravenous administration of fluids or medications, as well as supplemental oxygen in instances where respiratory distress is a concern.

When Does My Pet Require Hospitalization?

For cardiac patients, we generally recommend hospitalization when their disease has progressed to the point of respiratory difficulties and distress. 

When treating a hospitalized pet, we are able to provide treatments like oxygen therapy, heart monitoring and administration of fluids and medications that otherwise wouldn't be possible.

Treatment and Monitoring

Snyder Oxygen Kennel

For our patients with respiratory complications, our Snyder Intensive Care Units are able to provide an oxygen-enriched environment.

Carbon dioxide is continually removed and environmental humidity and temperature can be increased or decreased depending on the patient’s needs. IV ports also allow our nurses to administer medication without disturbing the oxygen supplementation.

Clear doors allow for continual and unobstructed observation of the patient. 

Wireless Telemetry

Telemetry is a form of electrocardiographic (ECG) monitoring that allows us to monitor cardiac rhythms in-hospital.

We offer wireless telemetry alongside a number of other advanced diagnostic monitoring and testing procedures as part of our diagnostic services.

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Cardiology Services, Boulder Veterinarian